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Lakewood Program


We are pleased to announce the continuation of AFC Lightning’s partnership with Legends Music at Lakewood Amphitheater for the 2019 concert season. Through Legends Music’s Non-Profit Program, you have the ability to work alongside other AFC members in our assigned concession stand to earn tax-free commissions which can be used to pay for player fees, tournament fees, soccer travel expenses, and other soccer related expenses.

Through this program, many AFC families were able to earn enough commission to cover 100%of the cost of their club fees. Amounts earned are based on the number of volunteers participating from your family and the total number of concerts worked. Share amounts in 2018 ranged from $70-$90 per concert. 

Families can earn multiple shares per concert by having both spouses and/or other family member participating in the program. 

In order to participate, you must meet all of the requirements listed below:

  • Must be 18 years or older (21 to serve alcohol).
  • Must be TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) certified. Alcohol sales training classes are expected to be held in April 2018 and are offered free of charge through Legends Music.
  • Must be a parent, guardian, or direct relative of an AFC player. Non-related participants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

While we do not have all of the details for the upcoming season, concerts typically begin in April and end in early October.

Volunteer spaces fill up quickly and are awarded on a first come, first-served basis, so don’t delay in signing up for this unique opportunity.

Robert Sanford
President – AFC Lightning
 [email protected]

Lakewood Volunteer - FAQ

When and where are the concerts held?

Concerts are typically held from mid-April through October of each year at Lakewood Amphitheater at 202 Lakewood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30315

What are the requirements to participate?

·      Must be 18 years or older (21 to serve alcohol).

·      Must be TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) certified. Free training classes provided by Legends Music. 

·      Must be a parent, guardian, or direct relative of an AFC player. Non-related participants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

When and where are the TEAM training classes?

TEAM training is required once every 3 years. Classes are held at Lakewood Amphitheater, local high schools, and at our facilities in April and May of each year.

What is the dress code for volunteers during the concerts?

·      Lakewood volunteer shirt (provided by Legends Music)

·      Black shorts or black pants – no athletic shorts or athletic pants

·      Dark colored athletic shoes – no sandals or Converse All Stars

How do I sign up for concerts and how are they assigned? 

Volunteer spots will be assigned on a first come first served basis via It is the volunteer’s responsibility to keep track of his/her own signup dates and times.

There may be times when a concert requires fewer volunteers than expected. If this occurs, we will ask all signups for the event to voluntarily give up their spot. If there are no volunteers, we will remove the volunteers with the latest signup date/time.

How to I change a concert that I already signed up for?

Volunteer signups on can be edited, changed, deleted, or swapped with another volunteer anytime up to 7 days before an event. Any changes after the 7thday (before an event) can only be made by the AFC Lakewood Volunteer Coordinator. 

Please contact the Coordinator if you will not be able to attend an event and they will work with you to help find a replacement for your volunteer slot.

What happens if I cannot attend an event that I signed up for?

Failure to attend an event that you signed up for may result in a penalty of $50.00 (deducted from your earnings). Per our agreement with Legends Music, AFC is required to provide a minimum number of volunteers for each event. Failure to meet these requirement may result in financial penalties being assessed against our earnings. In order to avoid these situations, please be mindful of the commitment you made to the program and the other AFC volunteers.

How do you keep track of the concert that are worked?

Volunteers are require to sign in on the attendance sheet in the concession stand. These sheets are used to determine your attendance and share calculations.

What happens if I am late to a concert?

Please make every effort to arrive by the specified start time. Please call or message your stand lead coordinator if you are going to be late. After a certain time, you will not be allowed to enter the venue.

While Lakewood does understand that there are circumstances (weather/traffic) which can impact your arrival time, volunteers who show a pattern of late arrivals may be asked to leave the program.

What are the security and check-in procedures?

All volunteers must check/sign in at the volunteer check-in station where you will be provided your volunteer shirt. All personal items must be carried in a clear bag and are subject to search by Lakewood security.

How does AFC Lightning earn funds at Lakewood?

AFC Lightning enters into an annual agreement with the Lakewood concessionaire to provide volunteers to staff and operate the concession stands in return for a percentage of the sale of food, beverage, and alcohol plus 100% of tips earned less any shortages in product or cash. Amount are calculated and paid to AFC Lightning within 2-3 weeks after the concert date.

How are volunteer earnings calculated?

Volunteers earn one (1) share for each concert worked. In order to balance the differences in earnings between concerts (some are busier than others), we typically break the entire concert season into block of 6-8 shows, and calculate the earnings by dividing the total earnings for each block by the total number of volunteers who worked the concerts in that block. This methodology evens out the concert earnings and encourages better volunteer coverage on lower attendance events. 

For example, let’s assume there 8 concerts in our first possible block (May-Jun) and we earn a total of $8,424 from those 8 shows. Assuming we have an average of 13 volunteers per concert, the $8,424 would be divided by the 104 volunteers who worked (13x8) and the total earnings per concert per volunteer would be $81.00. If you worked 5 of the 8 concerts, your earnings would be 5 X $81.00 or $405.00. 

The amounts earned per share are not specifically guaranteed and are dependent on how efficiently we serve our patrons and how vigilant we are in ensuring that we properly account for transactions. Mistakes in returning the correct amount of change to a customer or not properly ringing up products can cause shortages which are deducted from what we earn.

How are earnings applied or distributed?

Earnings are applied towards outstanding player fees. Once the player fees are paid in full, any remaining earnings will be paid to the volunteer family via check by the AFC Business Manager.



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